chmod +x 2010
chmod +x poster development

chmod +x poster development


chmod +x shodo

chmod +x shodo


neural ad tex

This is the LaTeX code that is used to lay­out an adver­tis­ing page in neural mag. It is cap­suled in a shellscript and partly gen­er­ated. Dif­fer­ent to wtf, I pre­ferred this time to have a sin­gle file (a bash script), instead of sep­a­rat­ing into script and markup-file. Because some of the LaTeX code is gen­er­ated...
neural mag ad

neural mag ad


chmod+x loves you

chmod+x loves you

The early idea was to create personalized posters for email invitations instead of sending around jpg files. The idea got skipped, we sticked to an ascii announcement and finally ended up with the jpg file.
So here is the poster idea anyway.

chmod +x logo

chmod +x logo


ASCII Anouncement

ASCII Anouncement


chmod +x art 2010

chmod +x art 2010