This is the LaTeX code that is used to lay­out an adver­tis­ing page in neural mag. It is cap­suled in a shellscript and partly gen­er­ated. Dif­fer­ent to wtf, I pre­ferred this time to have a sin­gle file (a bash script), instead of sep­a­rat­ing into script and markup-file. Because some of the LaTeX code is gen­er­ated by a script any­way, I decided to let the script write the whole tex file.

        \includegraphics[viewport=#2 #3 #4 #5,clip,#6]{#1}%|
\vspace{#2} \colorbox{white}{% {\small \parbox{#3}{ \smallskip #4 % \smallskip } } } } } } } \begin{document} \flexcommentbox{100mm}{-65mm}{50mm} { make art is an international festival focused on Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and open content in digital arts. make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an exhibition, focused on the blurred line between art and software programming. The fifth edition -- chmod +x art -- will take place in Groningen (NL), from the 2\theth{nd} to the 7\theth{th} of March 2010.
\bigskip Workshop hello wor(l)d!, exhibition, Hocus Pocus lecture evening, Placard headphone concert, breakfast club, speed geeking \& pecha gnucha, bookshop
\medskip With: Wayne Clements (GB), Martin Howse (GB), Graham Harwood (GB), IOhannes Zm\"olnig (AT), Pall Thayer (IS), Dave Griffiths (GB), Gabor Papp (HU), Agoston Nagy (HU), Florian Cramer (DE), Nathalie Magnan (FR), ...
\bigskip {\scalefont{1.02}\url{}}
}% \flexcommentbox{10mm}{35mm}{140mm} {{\huge make art: chmod +x art
From the 2\theth{nd
} to the 7\theth{th} of March 2010
Sign, Groningen (NL)
organisation: GOTO10, \url{
} Sign, \url{}
}} \flexcommentbox{100mm}{19mm}{50mm}% {\vspace{-10mm} \logo{i/\freedompath/v/logos/sign_bw_01.pdf} {50}{100}{280}{340}{width=.13\paperwidth} \hfill \logo{i/\freedompath/v/logos/kunstraad_bw.pdf} {50}{120}{270}{270}{width=.17\paperwidth}
\logo{i/\freedompath/v/logos/goto10.pdf} {50}{130}{350}{260}{width=.145\paperwidth} \hfill \logo{i/\freedompath/v/logos/ggron_bw.pdf} {20}{90}{270}{260}{width=.16\paperwidth}
\vspace{-10mm} }
\begin{picture}(0,0) \put(0,0){\graphic{i/tmp/143759--00002.pdf}} \put(0,0){\graphic{i/tmp/143831--00002.pdf}} \put(0,0){\graphic{i/tmp/143831--00003.pdf}} \end{picture}