Edit­ing HTML is nor­mally the first time when graphic design­ers learn how to deter­mine visual form or col­ors through plain text. What do you see if you read #FF0000? This is the first step towards a chang­ing per­cep­tion. There­fore HTML will serve as our first exam­ple how to make a sim­ple script do some work for you.

A loop to gen­er­ate html source. Avoid hand-hacking!

echo "<html>"                     >  $HTMLFILE
echo "<body>"                     >> $HTMLFILE
COUNT=0 while [ $COUNT -lt 1000 ] do echo "Some text" >> $HTMLFILE COUNT=`expr $COUNT + 1` done
echo "</html>" >> $HTMLFILE echo "</body>" >> $HTMLFILE

These exam­ples are prob­a­bly super use­less. They per­form tasks that are nor­mally not part of design soft­ware, because they are use­less. But that’s the start­ing point. You can define on your own what is use­less! There is no pre-written workflow.