In April 2013, the yearly Libre Graph­ics Meet­ing and Interactivos?’13: Tools for a read-write world work­shop join forces to exchange, dis­cuss, pro­duce and imag­ine Free, Libre and Open source tools for graph­ics and design. The event will take place in Madrid and is a unique opor­tu­nity for soft­ware devel­op­ers, artists and design­ers from all over the world to col­lab­o­rate and develop present and future tools.

Every­thing you ever wanted to know or say about Libre Graphics:

Thanks to Laura Fer­nán­dez and Myr­iam Cea from Medialab-Prado and also to Hajo Doorn (Worm, Rot­ter­dam) and Femke Snelt­ing (Con­stant, Brus­sels) for mak­ing this possible.