In 2007 I devel­oped a visual iden­tity for Linux Audio Con­fer­ence 2008, includ­ing logo and gen­er­a­tive posters. Visual key ele­ment is an absurd and highly inter­con­nected musi­cal instru­ment. This so called LAC Machine is gen­er­ated from a pool of micro illus­tra­tions auto­mated with the kind help of GNU’s Bourne-Again SHell and Pro­cess­ing.

The Acad­emy of Media Arts, Cologne, is proud to host the Linux Audio Con­fer­ence 2008, where once a year pro­gram­mers and artists, musi­cians, com­posers and prac­tion­eers gather to dis­cuss and explore new and impor­tant devel­op­ments in mak­ing music and sounds with Linux and Open Source soft­ware. *

Read in the fol­low­ing an extract from the keynote hold by Anthony Moore, head of the KHM Klangla­bor

apt-get install and    
start samba on the laptop
smb-client over ethernet for the daw to get to the laptop to get to
exchange some files,
open two or three more terminal windows for mutt, iceweasel,
the latter for the ardour manual.
ardour now running on the daw,
monitor the microphone input and
in another terminal updatedb to
locate some old audiofiles, for importing.
open skype, ah, i know,
ideologically dubious,
but at least some telecom giant is not getting my moola.
make voice-over-internet call,
send email,
read manual,
record a poem.
transfer files,
strum guitar,
actually all this running simultaneously
on two linked machines with 5 or 6 open terminals.
now this,
for me,
is linux.
if not alan turings universal machine.
this is the possibility
to think through the local area network,
make music,
take notes,
do research,
learn and experience.
but, and i realize, perhaps beyond the linux effect,
or maybe another part of,
it is the fact that
all this is made possible
through a social context, where friendship and help can be found.
and interestingly the very two  people who made so much of 
what i just described doable for me
are the same two people
who have taken the responsibility for putting together this conference.
therefore i owe more than a special thanks
for martin rumori and frank barknecht,
for keeping me on the path,
for putting together this wonderfull gathering and 
for generally being extremely nice people to know.

And i can just repeat:
therefore i owe more than a special thanks
for martin rumori and frank barknecht