On the surface, they look pretty similar (especially nowadays). Beyond that, it's a world of ethical and code difference.
algo así
Look deeper.
It's so much better AFTER you config and install zillions of plugins.
I love different tools for similar tasks.
The Nexus 4 is just like a iPhone, isn't it? Same thing (a smartphone) to do the same thing (make calls, send messages, run apps), but working in a different way. GIMP is not (and has never tried to be) a drop-in replacement for Photoshop, which is why some of the people who have invested (in time, money and experience) in Photoshop struggle to get to grips with it. And yes, Photoshop can do some things that GIMP can't, but if people are taught skills, rather than trained in the use of a particular piece of software, then their knowledge is more transferrable, and as these missing features are added and matured, people gain a very valuable thing indeed: choice.
You can accomplish a lot of the same tasks but it's different in some ways.
In general yes, but GIMP is maintained by a community of voluntaries and not owned by a company.
Photoshop is commercial software and GIMP is Free Software, that means the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.