Tal vez puedas hacer cosas que pensabas que no eran posibles. Es más, puedes sugerir cambiarlas y us desarrolladores te escucharán. De eso va esto, son herramientas creadas por todos y para todos.
If i can be jewish, why bother?
¡Por que conocer herramientas nuevas es muy emocionante, bro!
Don't bother, you're mind is not prepared for freedom yet. Live another life and maybe you'll understand.
Because price is not the only thing that matters.
You mean that you can learn it and to adapt it to your needs? You mean that you can share it and your personal adaptations of it with anyone you would think of?
Ohh, I want to be paid for my job but I do not want to pay for the job other people do!
Why bother about your freedom?