Free software is your software. If you want you can influence it's development instead of being just a customer. Being part of a community is not always easy (especially at first) but can be very rewarding. It's a different kind of investment, but those who embrace it tend to get a lot out of it.
Si te encanta el alcohol, el acero y la mar... sube a mi barco grumete!
Why don't u be a real pirate? ARRRR
Because if you "bother" with free software, you're supporting a better, more ethical social system. And please don't use the loaded term "pirate"
Because Adobe let you pirate their stuff on purpose. A way to spread the software education and addiction. Then when you'll publish or become a bit more public, you'll have to pay them to be 'legal' with your studio. This is a situation designed to make you first a thief , then a slave.... enjoy.
It's like walking around in a prisoner costume. Feels good? Will you brag of how good thief you are;)?
Even pirates, before they attack another ship, hoist a black flag.
Whence I be done yo-ho-hoin', I'm going t' shoot their sword.
You close the way for alternatives.
Pirating software does not build alternatives, it just takes other people's work without their permission.
Why bother to pirate Adobe stuff if you can freely have free software?
Let's jump on board, and cut them to pieces?