No, they are high-quality tools with their own identity that conform to a different set of ideals and have different uses. Some uses may overlap, but they are not clones.
Some too-cheap-to-buy-Adobe-users would like them to be copies, but unfortunately they tend go their own directions.
They're not copies. They're independent projects meant to do the same kind of work, that actually respect your freedom.
Yes, but more unusable.
Isn't Adobe stuff just overly engineered copies of Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad?
Adobe is a more expensive version of Macromedia, no they are not copies of ad-rob-me, they are alternatives to the status quo.
No. If you want a cheaper copy go to the black market. If you want a viable option go Libre.
And both are copies of a pencil and a paper.
They are actually copies of Quark and Fractal Design Painter.