Apparently not. There have been complaints that FLOSS is most accessible to comparativley well-off "first worlders" (with slogans like "FLOSS is made by the first world for the first world"). Poor people are sometimes restricited to using pirated and trojaned proprietary software, because their access to software is via other people who want to gain profits from their desperate need to be connected.
Is poor people made of free hardware?
Realistically, no, it isn't. It's for smart, creative, middle class people.
It is! I'm poor too!
No, 'poor' people do not this software at all, the only use Facebook and watch TV programs like Gran Hermano 14.
Obviously is for smart people, so... not poor at all.
Being precise, it's just the opposite. Poor people usually don't have enough time for taking the "risky way".
For all of us.
It is for everybody!